mews window


Pricing a mural all depends on what you want: the greater the amount of detail and time involved, the greater the cost. So it could vary from £50 to £500/sq.m. I price a mural according to the estimated time involved, including design time, at a present rate of £320/8hr day (£250/8hr day for special paint work) and then I add on the costs for travel, materials and any other likely expenses. In the examples shown, the trompe l'oeil shelves would cost £2900 and the trompe l'oeil window £1550.

Normally I meet with the client and/or interior designer, if involved, on site to discuss the requirements and survey the space. Brief pencil sketches might be made at this stage free of charge. Further sketches at the next stage of design are included in the overall price, but if you choose to reject them then a fee for the design time is charged.

Preparation and Materials

I do not usually execute the preparation work myself but I do require preparation to be of a good standard. Walls must be smooth, dry and completely free from damp. Normally two coats of white vinyl matt emulsion or acrylic primer is sufficient to work over. I usually work with acrylic paints which are odourless, fast drying and washable when dry. Hard wearing surfaces might also be finished with a coat of matt acrylic varnish. I can also work over other types of surface which may require another kind of preparation. In the case of paint effects on woodwork using scumble glaze I require the surface to have been already prepared to a very smooth finish with at least two coats of eggshell paint (acrylic or oil based) in an under colour specified by myself. When the effect is completed it is usually given a couple of coats of varnish. Some colour effects on walls can be done over emulsion or acrylic paint.

Short YouTube film of the artist at work